I am a field technician by trade having spend many many hours on the road, sometimes travelling in the night, i have had many near fatal collision on the onslaught of blinding glare one way or the other. I started looking for a solution to the problem but found none . I started studying patents on numerous devices and after spending two years studying various systems came up with my idea. I worked closely with a agency in the USA to explore my idea and have support should i need it including litigation in the USA.

They provided research material on the subject. The current frisbee is alot of crap and should have replaced a long time ago. My system easily replaces it. Today you buy a new car and it still uses that piece of crap, simply it has limited functionality. This device will undoubtedly will be the next high tech device to hit the modern automobile , if their is no patent protection , it will be copied by all the electronic companies as it gets known.


After coming up with the idea of the Smart i visor a provisional patent was filed by myself and the following year a final patent was filed with my patent attorney and is also recognised as an IP in my country South Africa in 2017. The patent fees all up to date, their is means and ways to get additional patents in another country before exposing to the public all its features .

Blinding glare

causes accidents like this


With limited funding available with the limited resources available in my country i have not finalised the development of the device , materials and operating system changing , at the same time i do not want to disclose the visor since many more embodiment’s need to be patented as an additional patent. The visor in my opinion represents the most important find even than that of electric mobility since vision, impaired vision, to bring relief SO EASILY is far more important.

The visor of course is electronic and the matter of the patent is all about the targeting system in launching the masking system in a very unique way to mask over a glare source without creating blind spots. How does it work? simpler than you think. Is it a wearable? Does it use Ai tech? Does it work with GPS? Nope, but it can interface with any of those to bring in more functionality!


  • Most accurate masking system in the world after studying approximately 20 various systems, including eye movement detection the university project, ( large errors )
  • Accurate masking system even if the driver changes eye position seat.
  • The most simplest and cost effective system in the world “option”.
  • Upgradeable for a more intense system later on requiring less driver intervention.
  • Special algorithmic masking shade.

Once the basic model is released  their will be no longer for the use of the frizbee visor .The main problem of the current frizbee visor is, it creates a huge blind spot making its use a danger to the driver and public and is not entirely effective .

Press release

If visual impairment caused by blinding glare is brought under control, safety is improved creating the safest car in the world to drive, reducing fatality’s on the road improving the driving experience.

From the response we got, we want to release the basic system in a years’ time.

Contact Me

If you are in development of such a device or engineer , I can assure you it does not get simpler than my idea to tackle glare and to morph it into something else to tackle glares more effectively, we welcome enthusiasts, road safety experts , car designers to write to me and i will try and answer you as best i can questions, joint ventures welcome, the device is further able to be protected for ownership i will tell you how ? Please fill in the contact form and i will try and answer you promptly, their is no other way to tackle dangerous glare, guaranteed to be a instant hit.